Our activity started in 2008, when we began embroider and apply embroidered emblemsto textile fabric with the help of a single semi-professional embroidery machine.

We have always been guided by our customers’ requirements and, with every order, we tried to bring them joy, pride and astonishment. In this way, we managed to supplement our equipment needs by purchasing new, high-performance embroidery machines, capable of embroidering in the desired quality and quantity.

Since 2011, we have also been able to attract foreign customers from countries like France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, England and Congo. During this time we have expanded our range of embroidery services offered by the production of military rank insignia, professional degrees and official signs.

After moving to a new workspace and hiring new colleagues, we began to offer embroidery digitizing services specially designed for different machine models.

At the moment, we are a team of 10 passionate, motivated and hard-working people. We all have the same goal: to give life to imagination by achieving perfect, unique and impactful embroidery.

The power of a well made seam is confirmed by its resistance over time. On the same principle we build relationships with our customers and partners. What matters to us is your satisfaction. That is why we make sure that we take account of all the specifications and details you submit to us.

The same is true of the digitization service. If you have not completed an embroidery pattern (an emblem, a promotional message or a logo) yet, but you have drawn a sketch of the graphic design, we can help you. We offer you the necessary technical support and we make sure that each image we embroider meets your requirements.